APC SUVTP20KH4B4S Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V w/4 Batt. Mod.

    Buy APC SUVTP20KH4B4S Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V w/4 Batt. Mod.

    APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V w/4 Batt. Mod. | Start-Up 5X8 | Internal Maint Bypass | Parallel Capability
    Rp 176,416,650

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    • Output power capacity: 16.0 KWatts / 20.0 kVA
    • Nominal Output/input Voltage: 400V 3PH
    • Input voltage range for main operations: 304 - 477V
    • Topology: Double Conversion Online
    • Waveform type: Sine wave
    • Maximum Input Current: 27.0A
    • Input Power Factor at Full Load: 0.98
    • w/4 Batt. Mod., Start-Up 5X8, Internal Maint Bypass, Parallel Capability
    • Battery type: VRLA
    • Included Battery Modules: 4
    • Typical recharge time: 5hour(s)
    • Nominal Battery Voltage: +/- 192 V (split battery referenced to neutral)
    • Expected Battery Life (years): 3 - 5
    • RBC Quantity: 4
    • Extendable Run Time: 1
    • End of Discharge Battery Voltage +/- 154 V